From quirky comedy to gut-wrenching drama, Kyle Homan has written, produced, directed, and edited a diverse body of narrative short films across nearly a decade.


Poetic Burden

Taken from script to screen in only 48 hours, Poetic Burden is the story of a sheriff forced to come to terms with mistakes from his past in order to save his daughter from a vengeful poet. Kyle helped develop the story as a writer, brought the script to light as co-producer, and polished the final edit as sound designer, all within one weekend.



Drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson, Left Hand is a simple short film revolving around two bar patrons trying to decide if a mystery girl is worth pursuing. Kyle worked as director in collaboration with JOHT Films to bring the quaint scene to life. Left Hand premiered at Colorado Film School's Fall 2016 Student Show, screened at various film festivals throughout Colorado, and was selected as a Denver Open Screen Night finalist.



Open Mic Night is the optimistic tale of a bankrupt bar owner and his desperate attempts to keep his last open mic night alive. Produced, co-written, and edited for Kyle's Colorado Film School thesis film, alongside co-writer and director Grant Worden of Ghimself Productions. It is yet to be released to the public, but you can find out more below.



When a high school counselor and a student are involved in an alcohol-induced accident early one morning, the school community is left reeling, unsure who is at fault. Remembrance focuses on a fellow student's determination to stand up against his father, the principal, for the truth. Working under Denver production company Burning Script Pictures, Remembrance is Kyle's current directorial work in progress.




Working primarily as an editor, Kyle continues to develop his storytelling skills through documentary shorts.

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The story of Reaksa Himm, whose family was slaughtered by the Khmer Rogue in the Cambodian killing fields, and his determination for revenge, his journey to forgiveness, and even reconciliation with the man who murdered his father.


Eyes of the Blind

Planned for 2019, Eyes of the Blind will follow a team of Colorado-based eye specialists in their journeys abroad to educate and heal the populations of developing nations. Working with Colorado Springs non-profit Vision Restoration International and Burning Script Pictures, Kyle has been developing this as project manager, and will edit the final cut.



Created for an exercise at the Colorado Film School, this microdoc follows rock climbing enthusiast Andrew Hanson as he trains for and executes a route in Fort Collins, CO. Kyle shot and edited this short piece.



Working freelance and as an independent contractor, Kyle travels throughout Colorado and the United States, producing, shooting, and editing corporate videos, music videos, and promotional materials.


Church in the city

In a close collaboration with the Burning Script Pictures team, Kyle edited, mixed, and colored a promotional video for Church in the City - Beth Abraham to be nationally broadcast on the Christian Television Network.


Prosperity Denver

Working with Denver social media company Effct, Kyle cut a series of videos to promote Prosperity Denver’s 2018 YES on 300 ballot initiative, providing students with more scholarship money to pursue higher education.


Boogie Groove Entertainment

Working for Denver talent booking agency Boogie Groove Entertainment, Kyle produced, co-shot and edited a concert featuring Canadian electronic duo Moontricks, and other local artists, at Boulder’s Fox Theatre.


BT Laser

Coming together with Ghimself Productions to work with Mitsubishi’s manufacturing subsidiary, MC Machinery, Kyle produced and edited a promotional video for BT Laser, one of their clients in Santa Clara, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.



Filmed in Chicago, IL and edited in Denver, TEDxGrantPark 2017 “One of One” is about more than just self-improvement, but also the results of this thinking - the lessons it brings, questions it raises, and solutions it may lead us to. Kyle worked as project manager and sound editor with Burning Script Pictures.